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Navigating The High Museum of Art

September 2023-October2023
Navigating The High Museum of Art is a printed booklet that was created to display my research surrounding the lack of assistive technologies for blind or visually impaired (BVI) visitors at the High Museum of Art.

The goal of this project was to uncover a design barrier that the BVI face, and then form a structured hypothesis before conducting further research to find a design solution. One specific location was required, and at least three different co-design methods needed to be utilized.
Navigating The High Museum of Art book cover
Front cover design
Gif of sketches and notes
Brainstorming sketches and notes
I began by conducting very general research on the BVI and the issues they face in order to figure out what direction I wanted to go in for the project. After gaining a solid base of knowledge, I decided to pick the High Museum of Art as my location because it is a place I enjoy visiting.

I spent time researching accessibility practices in museums around the world, and common barriers the BVI were facing in museums. Then, I conducted an interview with the High Museum’s accessibility department via email. From this interview, I discovered that the High did not offer any assistive technologies for indoor navigation. From there, I began researching potential solutions for my hypothesis.
After completing more research on potential solutions, I found what I believed to be the two best options: quick response (QR) codes and smartphone applications.

I proceeded to visit the museum in person to see if and how QR codes and apps might already be being utilized, and to have visitors complete a Google Forms survey. The survey asked visitors about any previous experiences using assistive technologies in museums, if they had any visual impairments, how they navigate the museum, and any overall comments or suggestions.

A total of 12 visitors participated in the survey.
Gif of images taken at the High Museum of Art
Photo documentation of QR codes
Photo of test print booklet spread
First booklet prototype
Once the research and survey were completed, I began creating the layout of the booklet in InDesign. I wanted it to be easy-to-read, aesthetic, and reflect the High Museum’s branding. So, I used Utopia, a typeface similar to the museum’s, and utilized the High’s iconic red color.

The final booklet was printed out at 8×8″ in size and perfect bound with staples.

Final Work