Mapping Out Accessibility

September 2023-November 2023
Mapping Out Accessibility is a continuation of my project Navigating The High Museum of Art. I took the same hypothesis, research, data, and conclusion from the previous project, and decided to dive deeper into the potential design solutions.

My main goal for this project was to create an app prototype for the blind or visually impaired (BVI) that could be used to navigate the High Museum. The project required at least four participants and at least six co-design methods with the final deliverable being an 18×24″ folded poster.
Domain mapping sketch
Design process
I began the project by creating collaged mood boards to help envision the look I wanted for the final prototype and poster design. Then, I conducted more in-depth research on how quick response (QR) codes and smartphone applications could be used in art museums.

Once I had an idea of how these technologies could function together, I created instructional drawings to display how I wanted the finished prototype to work.
Then, I had a meeting with an employee from the High Museum’s accessibility department to brainstorm more ideas for the project and gather feedback.

After the meeting, I worked on wireframing and prototyping the app in Figma. I made sure to utilize the same typeface and color palette from the previous project for consistency.

Once the app prototype was complete, I conducted a cognitive walkthrough with four participants.
Figma wireframe
First printed prototype
Each participant was sent a survey after completing the cognitive walkthrough in order to measure the prototype’s reliability, efficiency, and ease-of-use.

Finally, I took each step from the process of my project, analyzed the survey results, and began creating the folded poster design. I created a mock-up of the app prototype in Photoshop to serve as the focal point for the back side of the poster.

I wanted the front side of the poster to contain the majority of the information in chronological order; and I wanted the back side of the poster to focus more on a mock-up to capture viewers’ attention.

The front side of the poster folds up to act as a book and folds out to reveal the poster design on the back.
First printed prototype

Final Work