blue three-dimensional bubble letter logo

Image Creation

October 2021
The goal of this class project was to photograph a household object and create new images in Photoshop using the photos. The new images needed to either emphasize a relationship related to the object or emphasize specific qualities the object possessed.

The object I chose was a sneaker. I decided to create images that reflected the relationship between my sneaker and tennis because I call my sneakers “tennis-shoes”.
Image of two abstract tennis racquet outlines overlapping with a tennis net made from shoe laces in the background. With a purple and white color scheme
One of my very first iterations
GIF of two images with two tennis racquets with an abstracted tennis court in the background. In the middle of one image there is an abstract tennis ball and the middle of the second image is a FILA show. The color scheme is yellow and purple
Process photos
I struggled heavily with this project because it was my first time using Photoshop and my first graphic design course.

However, after creating a plethora of iterations and lots of experimentation, the work started to improve.

For the final piece, I cropped the view and used more photographic elements. Also, I experimented with layering different blending modes to alter the appearance of the sneaker and tennis ball.

Final Work

Purple and yellow image of a FILA sneaker resting on a tennis ball on a tennis court