Beegin: The Bee Bunka

September 2023
The Bee Bunka is a poster design that was created based on a case study of The Bee Bunka beehive by beegin. The main goal of this project was to visualize the data from the chosen case study in a clear and creative way.

There were a variety of case studies to choose from, but I was drawn to The Bee Bunka because my dad kept bees for several years.
Bee Bunka beehive in a field of tall grass
The Bee Bunka beehive by beegin
gif of Nicholas Felton's data visualization work
Inspiration by Nicholas Felton
My main source of inspiration for the poster design was Nicholas Felton. I was immediately drawn to the creativity and variety displayed in Felton’s data visualization designs. I also enjoyed the simple color schemes and organized layouts of Felton’s work.
After creating some initial sketches of possible layout designs, I began pulling out the most important information from the case study. This included required data such as the names of the designers, the date, location, and number of participants involved.

Once I narrowed down the data to the most important elements, I began experimenting with different layout designs in Illustrator. I also created a simple graphic of The Bee Bunka in Procreate to be the focal point of the poster.
Layout design sketches
The Bee Bunka case study data visualization poster design
First project submission
The final design utilizes Futura to reflect the geometric structure of beehives, and displays the most interesting and important data from the case study in a simple, organized layout. It was printed out at 18×24″ in size.

After receiving feedback from my critique, I chose to highlight certain phrases in the same honey color used in the graphic to make the design more cohesive.

Final Work

The Bee Bunka final data visualization poster design