blue three-dimensional bubble letter logo

Cupcake Advertisements

May 2022-July 2022
This project was created to promote my small cupcake business. I started baking as a hobby, and I wanted to find a way to utilize my graphic design skills in the process of selling the cupcakes.

I was heavily inspired by Milk Bar. I love that their photography is both clean and simple, and bold and fun. Milk Bar highlights their products in a clear and eye-catching way, and I wanted my ads to achieve the same goal.
GIF of photographs from Milk Bar. The photographs feature birthday cake and blueberry muffin cake balls
Photos from Milk Bar
GIF of RAW photographs of lemon, chocolate, funfetti, caramel, and red velvet cupcakes
RAW photos
After baking each cupcake flavor, I set up a makeshift backdrop using large pieces of white sketchbook paper and the kitchen hood light.

Once I captured photos that I liked, I transferred the RAW images from my phone to my laptop for post-production. Then, I color corrected each photo in Photoshop.
After color correcting each image, I exported the photos from Photoshop and imported them into Illustrator. In Illustrator, I added background colors and text.

I created the first design with the purpose of advertising my second cupcake sale. The ad communicated the right information, but I felt that the type choice and layout could’ve been made more fun and engaging.

I decided to focus on advertising cupcake flavors rather than the sale. I changed the typeface to be much more friendly and inviting with soft rounded forms. Also, I decided to incorporate shapes for a more playful feel.

Advertisement for a second cupcake sale with a photo of a chocolate cupcake in a togo box on a light pink background
First advertisement

Final Work

Photograph of a funfetti cupcake with rainbow sprinkles and a lit pink and white striped candle on a light pink background
Photograph of a lemon cupcake with a strawberry slice on top on a light yellow background