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Onomatopoeia: Crunch

February 2022
The goal of this class project was to pick a word from a limited list of onomatopoeias and translate the sound into a visual form. We were required to use a grid and create the image in Illustrator.

The onomatopoeia I chose was crunch. I focused on the sound of crunching food and decided to use an isometric grid to create triangular shapes.
Screenshot of Illustrator workspace showing an isometric grid and floating light yellow and light blue triangular shapes
First attempt using isometric grid
Illustration of a 3D triangular shape in dark blue and light yellow on a white background
Process photo
Before I began sketching out ideas, I watched and listened to a variety of videos of people eating different crunchy foods. Then, I began to visualize the sound.

Using the grid, I first created a 3D shape with shapes cut out of it, like a bite. Then, I created layers within the shape to reflect the layering of sounds heard when chewing crunching foods.
I decided to use a monochromatic blue color scheme to reflect a crisp crunching sound. The sharp shapes reflect the distinct sound of the crunch, and the broken shapes represent the pieces and crumbs that break off crunchy foods.

As a final detail, I made the outline of each shape rough and uneven to reflect the grittiness of the sound.
GIF of multiple iterations of the same monochromatic blue illustration featuring a 3D triangular shape and other flat floating triangular shapes
Process photos

Final Work

Monochromatic geometric illustration of a floating 3D shape and floating triangles