blue three-dimensional bubble letter logo

Apple Aid

November 2022
This advertisement was created as part of a group project where my group and I were acting a Apple in a future dystopian society.
My group came up with the idea of Apple creating hearing aids in the year 2028.

Apple Aid would significantly help the hearing
impaired. However, it would also constantly
be listening and collecting data without users
knowledge or consent.
PowerPoint slide from a group class presentation on Apple Aid. The slide is titled, "Why Hearing Aids?".
Slide from my group’s Apple Aid PowerPoint
GIF of screenshots from advertising the Airpods Pro and iPhone 14 Pro
Screenshots from
My goal in creating the ad was to mimic
Apple’s actual style and voice.
Apple uses a sans serif typeface called San Francisco, but I did not have access to SF. So, I chose to use Arial because it is very similar looking and also in the neo-grotesque style.

I also adapted Apple’s 2013 iTunes Radio
slogan, “Hear where your music takes you.”
to create the slogan for Apple Aid.

Final Work

Mock up of a fake Apple ad on a train. The ad is advertising Apple Aid, fake hearing aids.
Mock up of a fake Apple ad in an empty white room. The ad is advertising Apple Aid, fake hearing aids.